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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wayne Couzens and what did he do?

Wayne Couzens, 48, admitted murdering Sarah Everard after she went missing on 3 March. Photograph: Metropolitan Police The Metropolitan police has sacked PC Wayne Couzens with immediate effect, a week after he admitted in court to murdering Sarah Everard after abducting her as she walked home in south London.

Who is Wayne Couzens and what happened to Sarah Everard?

A police officer charged with the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard finished work in London at least nine hours before she went missing, a court has heard. Details on Diplomatic Protection Officer Wayne Couzens, 48, and his shift pattern were disclosed at his first Old Bailey appearance this morning.

Who is Richard Couzens and where is he now?

Couzens, who was based at Westminster, also remains in custody. He was arrested at his home in Kent. Police originally widened their search for Sarah to include the ponds at Clapham Common and released a CCTV image of Sarah, who was last seen walking between Clapham Common and Brixton on Wednesday.

Who is Christian Couzens?

Couzens, a married father-of-two, was arrested on Tuesday over the disappearance of Sarah Everard in south London in a "serious and significant development" as the search continues to find her. He works as an armed diplomatic protection officer based at Westminster Police and was arrested at his home in Kent.

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