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Frequently Asked Questions

Is waywayfair a scam or legit?

Wayfair is nothing but a scam. Do not apply for their credit card because your information is not safe. At last check, there were 5 credit cards in our name charging to our account.

How do I contact Wayfair professional customer service?

If you have any questions after reading this Wayfair Professional review, contact the company through: Wayfair Professional customer service email: [email protected] Phone: 866-263-8325 Also be sure to check out our Wayfair Furniture Review for an overall brand profile.

Did Wayfair Steal my Money and refuse to give me anything?

Wayfair refused to give me a brand new headboard despite the fact I paid full price for a brand new item. Wayfair promised for several weeks to send missing parts that never came. Wayfair stole my $ and scammed me.

Is Wayfair Canada reliable?

Wayfair Canada is reliable. They have been delivering their services for a very long time. Wayfair is regarded as one of the biggest U.S. online retailers of furniture and home decor. And to show how reliable they are, they offer free shipping to all their items (as of writing this review).

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