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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a three light chandelier?

A functional and understated choice of home lighting that is no less stylish, this three-light chandelier has a simple 'Sputnik' design. It has a fixed-height metal downrod and three arms that each support a fabric drum shade. This light casts an ambient glow that suits modern living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces.

Where do you put a 5 light chandelier?

It's the perfect light fixture to install in the bedroom, living room, dining room, foyers, bar, restaurant, hotel, and any place you like. This 5-light statement chandelier is a glam update on a classic silhouette, instantly updating your dining room or living room.

What is a 6 light chandelier?

Our popular 6-Light, Metal Cage Chandelier is a Geometric Light Fixture with an open vaulted roof and sides. The Collection features no glass. This Chandelier comes with a Single Chain, with all hanging components included. Its Lantern style easily blends anywhere from Farmhouse, to Industrial to Contemporary design.

What is a chandelier?

Doubling as a source of light and the focal point in any room, chandeliers are experts at fusing function with fashion. Crafted from metal, it features an open tubular construction, putting a contemporary twist on a traditional design.

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