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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light fixtures to use in a bathroom vanity?

Light Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures---- bracket paired with milky white glass lampshade, simple and elegant, classic color matching, it is easy to match with your decoration style. Two ways to display----The light fixtures are allowed to be installed upwards or downwards.

How do you mount a light fixture in a bathroom?

Mount the fixture facing up or down above or below a bathroom mirror to banish shadows from your face as you prepare for the day or a fun evening out. The light fixture's finely crafted design and outstanding versatility make it a perfect choice for any bath and vanity set in the coastal, farmhouse, transitional, and vintage electric settings.

What is a 3 light bathroom sconce?

This 3-light bathroom sconce features diffusers inside the shades for a warm, evenly distributed kind of light. Plus, it's dimmable to help you and your houseguests' eyes adjust when you're getting ready in the mornings. Love the classic look of this vanity light and love shopping at Birch Lane!.

How many bulbs does a bathroom vanity light need?

We love that this vanity light holds up to dampness in your bathroom. It takes three 60W bulbs (not included), and it's dimmable, so you can adjust the lighting level to suit your sleepy eyes in the mornings. Plus, you can install this hardwired light facing up or down so that it's just right for your space.

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