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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sleeper sofa?

This classic sleeper sofa provides an extra bed with a small footprint. When you're done lounging on the couch, pull out a full-size bed to accommodate overnight guests.

Can a velvet sofa bed be used as a sleeper bed?

Now all you need is this Velvet Sofa Bed. Get a modern look that adds comfort and elegance to your home with this convertible sofa. Being multifunctional, it is a stylish sofa by day but quickly converts into a sleeper bed by night to host your friend overnight.

Can a double sofa be converted into a sleeper bed?

This double sofa can be easily converted into a sleeper bed, providing a comfortable sleeping space suitable for friends who stay up late or you who do not have a bed. Two independent backrests have three adjustable positions, allowing you to enjoy two different angles of comfort at the same time.

What is a 2 seater pull out sofa bed?

The fabric 2 seater pull out sofa bed is the perfect solution for when friends stay over; aesthetically presented in a modern design that is comfortable as both a chaise sofa or as a mattress. Weight Capacity: 400lb. I really like it! The sleeper option is great! Super cozy to stretch out on.

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