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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 2 piece loveseat recliner?

The 2 piece loveseat recliner includes a left and right reclining arm seat that secure together through a button and slot connection on the frame so they will not slip apart. This comfortable loveseat is perfect for long-term sitting, TV viewing and relaxed reclining in theater, media, and living rooms.

What are the features of a loveseat?

Plush armrests with padded seat backs and headrests. The love seat has 2 reclining seats on each end. Wrapped in a champion fabric and polyurethane for pure comfort. The loveseat with console piece also has 2 cup holders and a storage compartment. Pocket coil spring seat cushion covered with high quality, high-density foam, for added comfort.

How many seats does a reclining loveseat have?

Sit back and relax beside a loved one with this reclining loveseat. Offering medium-firm seating, this loveseat features two seats that recline 90° (just be sure to station this piece at least 15" from the wall).

What is a sofa recliner?

One of the ultimate ways to relax in your home is with a sofa recliner. Sofa recliners are three seat or l shaped and have certain seats that recline similar to a relining chair. You can kick back and relax after a long day of work on a reclining sofa. Furniture, especially sofas, is Wayfair's specialty.

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