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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wayfair have chairs and recliners?

Here at Wayfair, we've got so many chairs and recliners that you'll have no problem finding something to coordinate with your current furnishings. How many chairs should be grouped together?

How to choose the best recliner for home decor?

The traditional design with solid print and faux leather material of the recliner would enhance any room's theme. It is a great standard recliner version of a swivel base with a metal frame and a foam seat. For ultimate comfort, this velvet recliner is covered with smooth fabric in various color options to match with any home decor.

What is a recliner chair?

Recliners provide great neck and lumbar support, making them the most popular seating choice for everyday use. The casual design of this recliner will make it a great addition to your living room or family room to relax or to just hang out. This is a real nice chair!! It was a perfect fit where I needed it.

What is a recliner made of?

Recliners are here to capture your every need when it comes to sitting down. This power recliner is made from faux leather material and has foam used as a cushion for the back part of this seat. The interesting design with solid print and faux leather brown fabric of the recliner would add to any living room decor.

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