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Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay my Wayfair credit card?

How can you pay your Wayfair Credit Card? Call Comenity's Wayfair Credit Card customer service line at 1-844-271-2567. Enter the primary cardholder's account number. Follow the prompts for entering your payment information - again, be sure to have your account and routing numbers available.

Does Wayfair take PayPal?

The Wayfair app also allows customers to use PayPal for payment. You simply select PayPal as your payment method in the app at checkout. You then click the “Check Out with PayPal” button to proceed with paying with PayPal. The image below from the Wayfair app shows what it looks like when you select PayPal as your payment option.

How to pay Wayfair online?

Send Your Wayfair Payment Online Go to Wayfair's credit card registration page. Supply the credit card account number, the name as it appears on the card, the security code and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Select "Verify" to continue to the next screen. Complete the steps to choose your user ID and password and enter where the funds will be drawn from.

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