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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wayfair have coupon codes?

You’re only going to get a special Wayfair coupon or promo code if you: Hand over your data. In other words, register on their site. They will send coupon codes of 10–15% off to your inbox, usually after you buy something or first sign up.

Does Wayfair have military discount?

Unfortunately, Wayfair does not offer a military discount. They do, however, have a wide variety of ways in which their customers can save to make up for it. With the tips we have below, you can find a lot of great deals on the site. 1.

Does Wayfair offer credit?

The Wayfair Credit Card, part of the Wayfair Credit Card Program, is a cardless credit program. A physical card will not be sent in your welcome kit. The credit card image is for marketing purposes only.

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