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Frequently Asked Questions

What to eat at Wawa?

Related Questions More Answers Below. The answer the the question is there are MANY healthy options at Wawa. Turkey and other light sandwich option hoagies, vast variety of salads (kale and quinoa are options), protein packs (cheese, nuts, grapes, apples) etc. The stores prvide quick and friendly service as well as clean and spacious locations.

Does Wawa serve breakfast all day?

Wawa's kitchen is open 24 hours, seven days a week. Most breakfast items are available all day, as are the lunch and dinner offerings, which is a plus for shift workers, Carragher said.

What time does Wawa serve breakfast?

Wawa breakfast hours are available from Monday to Sunday from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. The breakfast servings at almost all the Wawa locations are the same. However, most Wawa locations are open 24/7 to ensure their customers get healthy and tasty food around the clock.

How to build a healthy sandwich at Wawa?

How to Build a Healthy Sandwich at Wawa. 1.Breads 2 slices of wheat bread ~180 calories 1 shorti wheat roll ~290 calories 1 slice of cheese ~100 calories. To save 90-100 calories, skip the ... 2. Meat. If you're not feeling super hungry, choose veggie (0 calories) or roasted veggie 60 cal/250 mg ...

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