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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wave broadband fiber internet?

Currently one of the fastest internet connections on the market, Wave Broadband fiber internet is a must-have for households who want ultra-fast internet. Wave G from Wave Broadband is a special type of fiber service that they roll out to large buildings, such as apartments and condominiums.

What if I have an issue with Wave Broadband?

If you do have an issue, though, Wave Broadband has a variety of contact methods, including phone, chat, forums, and more that you can use to reach a solution. Instead of searching around for those items yourself, we put them all together in one place in the following resources :

How do I connect to mywave broadband?

Choose My Account at the top-right portion of the website to register or log in to your MyWave account. Here, you can pay your bill, update account information, and even check your data usage to avoid data caps. Connect with Wave Broadband on Twitter (@WaveConnects) and Facebook (@GoWaveConnects).

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