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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bulk bottled water?

This bulk bottled water is perfect for restaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, stadiums, snack bars, catered events, and anywhere else where water is served. These bottles provide single servings of water and are portable for customers on-the-go. All bottles feature a screw-top cap that is resealable for multiple uses.

Can I order a blank water bottle?

All of the water bottles on our site can be purchased blank or custom-printed. To order water bottles with your logo, visit our custom water bottles page. Do you offer reseller discounts? We offer tier pricing for all customers, with extra savings per item on bulk orders. Do you sell bulk stainless steel water bottles? Yes!

What are the different types of water bottles?

Our bottles come in different lid styles to fit a variety of uses. Bulk water bottles are available in many materials including plastic, Tritan™ and stainless steel. These wholesale bottles look stunning with or without a design! I only want a few water bottles. Is there a minimum quantity?

What can you do with wholesale water bottles?

Order wholesale water bottles in bulk as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles – yours can be reused time and again, promoting your brand with every sip. You can even order water bottles made from recyclable PET! OAdd personalized water bottles with your logo to branded bundles your audience will love.

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