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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “wasteful work” and how to reduce it?

Wasteful work is the fraction of the total time and effort in any organization that does not add value for the end customer. By clearly defining value for a specific product or service from the end customer’s perspective, all the nonvalue activities, or waste, can be targeted for removal step by step.

What is the synonym of wasteful?

Synonyms for wasteful. extravagant, high-rolling, prodigal, profligate, spendthrift, squandering, thriftless, unthrifty.

Why is it important to eliminate waste in the workplace?

Optimizing processes to eliminate waste is crucial for the success of your company. Having wasteful activities can lower profitability, increase customer costs, decrease quality, and even employee satisfaction.

Can wasteful activities be eliminated from your work process?

Not all wasteful activities can be eliminated from your work process. Some of them are a necessity. For example, testing software is not an activity that your customers are willing to pay for. However, without it, you may deliver a low-quality product that will harm your economic performance.

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