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Frequently Asked Questions

What days are garbage collected in Redmond?

For example, if a holiday falls on a Thursday, Thursday customers will be collected on Friday and Friday customers will be collected on Saturday. Waste Management offers an easy way to pay your garbage bill online . The City of Redmond and Waste Management use "Recycling Only Oops" tag to monitor contamination in recycling carts.

How do I recycle in Redmond?

Recycling is available in Redmond at no additional cost! Call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995 to set up, change service or for more information on what you can recycle or visit the Waste Management website. Follow these steps to make sure your items can be recycled!

How do I find the schedule for my Waste Management pickup?

From the My WM Dashboard, go to My Services. Pickup Schedule will be displayed, along with the next pickup date, holiday schedule, and other service requests. Note: Waste collection services typically occur between 5 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time. Make sure the lid on your container is completely closed so our drivers can service them safely.

How do I sign up for Redmond-ridwell solid waste and recycling?

Visit the Redmond-Ridwell page for more information and to sign up. The City of Redmond’s Solid Waste and Recycling program promotes waste reduction and recycling throughout the City.

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