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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of waste management?

Disadvantages of Waste Management: 1. The process is not always cost-effective: 2. The resultant product has a short life: 3. The sites are often dangerous: 4. The practices are not done uniformly: 5. Waste management can cause more problems:

What is waste management mission statement?

Mission Statement. The mission of OC Waste & Recycling is to provide waste management services, protect the environment, and promote recycling in order to ensure a safe and healthy community for current and future generations.

What does waste management stand for?

1. Waste Management is abbreviated as WM. (also W.M. or Waste Manage) IAHS International Association of Hydrological Sciences. ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management. MSW Municipal Solid Waste. LEL Lower Explosive Limit.

What is the objective of waste management?

Waste management objectives. The first objective of our Waste Management strategy is to design and deliver waste management services that meet the needs of the customer in a cost-effective manner. Our second objective is to reduce the negative impact of waste.

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