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Frequently Asked Questions

What does waste management stand for?

1. Waste Management is abbreviated as WM. (also W.M. or Waste Manage) IAHS International Association of Hydrological Sciences. ICID International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage. IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management. MSW Municipal Solid Waste. LEL Lower Explosive Limit.

What is a waste management job?

Job Description. Waste management officers are responsible for overseeing and coordinating waste disposal, refuse collection and recycling activities in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner. The majority of waste management officers are employed by waste management agencies under the administration of local government authorities,...

What does a waste management engineer do?

Job Description for Waste Management Engineer. They are responsible for developing strategies for reuse and discarding waste in an efficient manner. These individuals use their technical abilities to engineer hardware and position machinery at certain points, in order to increase production and minimize costs.

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