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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose waste management in Wilmington?

From single-family homes to local businesses to the largest industrial facilities and commercial operations, Waste Management offers options to make waste disposal simple, affordable and worry-free. Need a temporary dumpster rental in Wilmington, DE?

Where can I recycle HHW waste in Ohio?

DKMM will also begin taking reservations for the Knox County permanent site beginning in March 2022, for the drop-off that runs from April through September. If you have HHW waste that needs recycled before these events, you can also take them to Environmental Enterprises, Inc. 645 East 8th Street, Columbus, Ohio (614) 294-1300.

What does the district’s Solid Waste Management Program do?

To manage the District’s current and long term solid waste disposal needs in an environmentally responsible and cost effective manner while reducing reliance on landfills by implementing waste reduction, reuse, and recycling strategies.

Why work with waste management?

With Waste Management, you’ll find a partner that is committed to improving our local environment and the areas near Spruce Street, the Delaware River and the Christina River.

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