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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact waste management support?

Visit our support center or start a chat with a Waste Management representative. Please provide your address so we can route your request to a support team in your area. We’re dedicated to providing best-in-class service and making your life a little easier. Have a question?

Why choose waste management in Wilmington?

From single-family homes to local businesses to the largest industrial facilities and commercial operations, Waste Management offers options to make waste disposal simple, affordable and worry-free. Need a temporary dumpster rental in Wilmington, DE?

Why choose completewaste management for your business?

Waste Management offers easy pickup and delivery of different sizes in your local area. Waste Management helps your commercial business with waste, garbage, trash and recycling in Wilmington, DE for offices, stores and more.

Why work with waste management?

With Waste Management, you’ll find a partner that is committed to improving our local environment and the areas near Spruce Street, the Delaware River and the Christina River.

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