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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Waste Connections for commercial waste collection?

Waste Connections commercial waste collection provides your business with a range of containers and service schedules for your garbage pickup needs. Your local Waste Connections waste management facility has an inventory of commercial trash compactors, roll-off containers, and commercial dumpsters. Call us today at 815-47-TRASH (815-478-7274)

What should I do if I Forgot my workday password?

1. Employees With Company Email Address 2. Employees Without Company Email Address 3. Northwest Container & Rock River Employees If you are logging in for Open Enrollment and have not logged into Workday in the last 60 days then your password was reset, please use your default SSSSYYYY password.

Why rent a dumpster from rewaste connections?

Waste Connections offers a variety of dumpster rentals for any type of project or business need: Make the job easier for yourself and your employees. Reduce your reliance on the landfill. Keep worksite garbage hazards in one place. For any project from roofing and construction to spring-cleaning and demolition.

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