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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sears still repair appliances?

Although some Sears stores may have closed, we still do appliance repairs in your neighborhood. Simply call or click the "Schedule" button to schedule your repair. Most households rely on their kitchen appliances on a daily basis. You can count on us for fast, efficient repairs whenever you have any of the following needs:

What is the warranty on a car repair?

A car warranty is a contract between you and your car’s dealership or manufacturer to make repairs within a certain period of time or mileage, often 3 years or 60,000 miles. It’s a guarantee that your car will be reliable and if it's not, it will be fixed at no cost. Auto warranties typically do not cover theft,...

What is vehicle service warranty?

An "extended warranty" is a vehicle service contract offered by a new car dealer to "wrap" the new car warranty and extend beyond it. If sold outside of a new vehicle purchase, a vehicle service contract is sometimes incorrectly referred to as an "extended warranty.".

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