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Frequently Asked Questions

Do car dealers have to offer a warranty?

Yes, most reputable car dealerships do offer warranty cover. This is usually through a trusted provider and your dealer may have been able to secure a competitive deal, although it's always advisable to check this by contacting the warranty provider directly to see what they can offer.

Can I go to any dealer for warranty work?

Most manufacturer-backed warranties that you'll purchase from a dealership provide coverage at any licensed dealership . This is particularly convenient if you're in a major metropolitan area with access to multiple locations.

Should I buy a warranty from an used car dealership?

The most common scams associated with buying used cars are those related to car warranties or vehicle service contracts. Warranties are very important since they can prevent you from getting scammed when buying a used car, so understanding these types of contracts will assist consumers in avoiding shady companies wanting to scam them.

What is a dealer warranty?

A dealer warranty can be an express warranty, which is created when a dealer or seller makes promises orally or in writing that a product will perform in a certain manner. It is always best to put a dealer warranty in writing, however.

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