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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a quitclaim supersede a previous warranty deed?

They're as effective as a warranty deed to transfer title, but only if the title is good. A quitclaim deed can convey title as effectively as a warranty deed if the grantor has a good title when the deed is delivered. It is the lack of any warranties, however, that make a quitclaim deed less attractive from a grantee's perspective.

How do you prepare a Quit Claim Deed?

Take the deed and any forms to the county recorder's office. Bring a check or money order to pay for the recording fees. Submit the deed to to clerk to be recorded. Ask the clerk to provide the recording information upon completion.

What makes a valid Quit Claim Deed?

Quitclaim Deed Common Uses for Quitclaim Deeds: Quitclaims are often used to transfer property to and from family members. ... Creating a Quitclaim: In order for the quitclaim to be valid it will need to be delivered to AND accepted by the grantee. ... Elements of a Quitclaim Document. ... A Note About Title Insurance and Mortgages. ... Fraud and Abuse. ... More items...

How do you write a Quit Claim Deed?

Write the Deed. Fill out the quit claim deed form, which can be obtained online, or write your own using the form as a guide. The person giving up the interest in the property is the grantor, and the person receiving the interest is the grantee.

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