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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walmart having a clearance sale?

Walmart’s clearance sale is where the retail store sells items that it doesn’t have to restock anymore. The reason could be as simple as the product going past its seasonal relevancy or anything else. The bottom line is that the store wants to get rid of those items ASAP.

What are some items that are on clearance at Walmart?

Score up to 50% off air fryers, vacuums, treadmills and more. Although 2022 is officially underway, Walmart is still celebrating the last of 2021 with its year-end clearance event. Walmart is slashing prices on hundreds of items, but a few markdowns on home essentials and kitchen gadgets have caught our eye.

How do you find clearance items at Walmart?

To find such items all you have to do is look for the yellow sticker tags that indicate clearance products. The Walmart app’s price checking technique doesn’t just work during the clearance sale, but every time. So just scan a product with the app before you buy it, to reveal cheaper prices.

How much can you save on clearance at Walmart?

It is on sale right now for $330, so you can save $70 by catching it on clearance. It can run for up to 40 minutes at a time on a single charge and features a 180-degree swivel head for easy cleaning. If your bedroom needs a refresh, a new comforter might give you the change you're looking for.

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