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Frequently Asked Questions

How many suppliers does Walgreens have in 2020?

In fiscal 2020, Walgreens supported more than 2,000 diverse suppliers. At WBA, we understand that our customers want to feel confident in the safety and transparency of the products they purchase for use. The products we sell are rigorously analyzed for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and our high standards.

What is Walgreens doing about plastic in its packaging?

Our two largest businesses, Walgreens and Boots UK also have individual plastic task forces that manage our approach, including use in products and packaging. Boots UK has committed to becoming 100 percent plastic-free in online deliveries by 2021.

Does Walgreens sell eco-friendly products?

The flossers use a bio-based plastic alternative. Walgreens also expanded availability of its line of compostable and eco-friendly tableware, including plates, hot and cold cups, bowls, cutlery and paper straws. And Walgreens entirely removed Styrofoam (polystyrene) from its owned brand household essentials lines.

Is Walgreens closing 200 stores in San Francisco?

In an August 2019 SEC filing, Walgreens stated that it planned to close approximately 200 following “a review of the real estate footprint in the United States.” San Francisco’s own leaders have openly questioned the company’s claims.

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