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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is VT Halter Marine?

United States. VT Halter Marine, Inc. is a shipbuilding company and a subsidiary of VT Systems, the American subsidiary of ST Engineering. It is located in Pascagoula, Mississippi. It specializes in ship design, construction, and repair, and serves both public and private clients, including the United States Department of Defense.

Who owns Halter Marine?

Louisiana-based Bollinger Shipyards finalized the acquisition of the Halter Marine and ST Engineering Halter Marine Offshore (STEHMO) shipyard following the close of a $15 million deal with former Singapore-based ST Engineering, Bollinger said.

What happened to halter shipyards?

The new company sold off Halter's Gulfport, Lockport and Port Bienville shipyards, and relocated the company's headquarters from Gulfport to Pascagoula. In 2016, they installed a new Panamax floating dry dock at the south end of the Pascagoula yard and expanded into the ship repair business.

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