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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VMware VMmark?

VMware VMmark. VMware VMmark is a free benchmarking utility that runs several workloads to measure the performance and scalability of multiple hosts in a virtualized environment. VMmark runs several virtual machines (VMs) most commonly used in customer data centers, such as a mail server and a front-end Web layer,...

What is a VMware ESXi Server?

The ESXi Server is an advanced, smaller-footprint version of the VMware ESX Server, VMware's enterprise-level computer virtualization software product. Implemented within the VMware Infrastructure, ESXi can be used to facilitate centralized management for enterprise desktops and data center applications.

What is a hypervisor in VMware?

The VMware vSphere Hypervisor is a free, bare-metal hypervisor from VMware that allows users to virtualize their servers and consolidate applications.

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