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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upgrade to the latest version of vMix?

vMix Version Upgrade. If you have an older version of vMix that is no longer eligible for a free version update, you can upgrade to the latest version by clicking the Buy Now at the top of this page. Version upgrades cost $60 USD and gives you access to one extra year of version updates. Purchase vMix Update (12 Months)

When will vMix 25 be available?

vMix 25 is available now. It’s 2022 and it’s time for a new version of vMix! You can download it now via If you’ve got vMix Max, you’re able to update to the latest update right now! For those that have purchased vMix from January 2020 then it will be a free update. Prior to this date, it’s a $60 fee for 12 months of updates.

Is vMix 17 the latest version of vMix?

STUDIOCOAST PTY LTD, creator of the vMix Live Production and Streaming Software, has released version 17 ahead of NAB 2016. StudioCoast PTY LTD, makers of live production software vMix, today announced its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI™) standard for IP-based production workflows for its latest release, vMix 17.

How do I get vMix 24 for free?

You just need to download, install and enter your email address where it says Register for a fully functional 60 day trial. vMix 24 will be a free update for those that have purchased after January 1st 2018 or if you’ve purchased a 12 month upgrade…in the last 12 months.

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