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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the visions FCU mobile app?

From making transfers and paying your bills to sending money and checking your statements, the Visions FCU Mobile app lets you do whatever you need, wherever you are. Want to set travel dates or order a new card?

Why choose Vision Telecom Solutions?

At Vision Telecom Solutions, we pride ourselves on finding the right comms solutions for your business, from telecoms right through to cloud computing... In Contract or out, we can help! Whatever your business, we have the business mobile for you.

How do I transfer money from one visions account to another?

Simply enable it in your app's settings and it will trigger the next time you log in. Transferring money shouldn't be hard. That's why we introduced our member-to-member tool. With member-to-member, you can make a single transfer to another Visions member, or link their account for future transfers (deposits only).

How much does the visible plan cost per month?

The Visible Plan We believe in challenging the wireless status quo. That’s why our standard plan gives you all the bells and whistles for $40/mo after your first month, or for as little as $25/mo through Party Pay. $25/line/mo. for parties of 4 or more; $30/line/mo. for 3; $35/line/mo. for 2.

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