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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Virginia Court has jury trails?

Norfolk Circuit Court is one of four courts statewide that the Virginia Supreme Court has allowed to conduct jury trials again, The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk reported. The Supreme Court banned all...

What are the federal courts in Virginia?

The Federal Court System in Virginia. The two federal district courts in Virginia are the Eastern District Court of Virginia and the Western District Court of Virginia. They are both, among other district courts, part of the fourth judicial circuit overseen by the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Which Virginia Court is the trial court for felony cases?

Circuit Court is where felony cases are heard and tried and is also where misdemeanor appeals are heard. Every misdemeanor in Virginia comes with an automatic right to appeal, so a defendant who is unhappy with the outcome of their General District Court case may ask to have a new trial in Circuit Court.

How do I find court records?

Requesting Online Records from a State or County Court Look in the right place. Look for a criminal court records database on your state or county court’s website. Be aware of the different levels of state courts. Provide the information you need to find your record. View the record online.

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