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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of violin?

Fiddle and five string violins are the best types of violin when you take it by genres. Stroh violin, electric & semi electric violin, Pre-Baroque Stringed Instruments, Baroque Violin and Modern violin or the Acoustic violin are some of the violin types when getting differentiated by time periods.

What is the best violin to buy?

The Stentor violin is a great beginning violin and is recommended by many violin teachers as well as violin shops. When looking for a student-grade violin, this could be the best violin to buy.

What is the best quality for violin?

The type and quality of wood can drastically impact the price of a violin. The best types of wood are spruce wood tops with maple wood necks, backs, and sides. Typically wood that has been aged for longer will be drier and stronger and is considered better quality for violins.

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