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Frequently Asked Questions

What is patchpatch labs?

Patch Labs is giving reporters the chance to earn a living by covering their very own communities. Since being founded in 1980, the Assistance League of Capistrano Valley has given back roughly $5.3 million to the community.

What is the Mission Viejo resilience program?

The free program aims to build resilience and healthy coping skills within young adults and teenagers living in Mission Viejo. The quickest way to get caught up on everything worth knowing around the county today.

How many communities does patch have?

Patch is a network of hyperlocal news sites spread across the United States. We’re currently in 1255 communities and expanding every day. Want a Patch in your town? Email [email protected]

How can patchpatch help small businesses?

Patch's paid advertising options can help small businesses build stronger relationships and raise brand awareness in their communities. See photos from the recall election in California where residents head to the polls to decide the political fate of the state. 'Jeopardy!'

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