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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Walk my Puppy in winter with snow?

Yes, you can walk your dog in the snow but you should be more wary than usual when taking them out. This is because snow makes it easier for dogs to get lost or disorientated on snowy surfaces.

Can dogs live in the snow?

Whether or not you agree with keeping your dog outside during the winter and in the snow, you may have wondered whether a dog can live outside in the snow. Overall, dogs should never live outside in the cold winter months, especially when there is a lot of snow on the ground. Read on to find out why!

Will your dog go in the snow?

Temperatures below 25 degrees F are common when you go out in the snow and you’ve seen your dog lifting their feet when walking or standing around. Your dog’s foot pads are weak and often get cut or scraped. Your dog is extra fluffy and snowballs stick to their fur, including around their feet and between their foot pads.

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