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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the URL version of an application?

If you look at the full HTTP request for the URLs which have versions, it looks like this: The header contains the line which contains the representation you are asking for ("Accept: application/xml"). That is where the version should go.

Should the URL contain the version of the item I want?

The URL should NOT contain the versions. The version has nothing to do with "idea" of the resource you are requesting. You should try to think of the URL as being a path to the concept you would like - not how you want the item returned.

What is media type versioning and Uri versioning?

URI Versioning – version the URI space using version indicators Media Type Versioning – version the Representation of the Resource When we introduce the version in the URI space, the Representations of Resources are considered immutable. So when changes need to be introduced in the API, a new URI space needs to be created.

What HTTP status codes should I use for API versioning?

There are at least two redirection HTTP status codes that are appropriate for API versioning scenarios: 301 Moved permanently indicating that the resource with a requested URI is moved permanently to another URI (which should be a resource instance permalink that does not contain API version info).

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