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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the version number of a file?

Version numbers start at 1 and count upward as new instances of a file are created. When an application opens a file for reading, it can either specify the exact file name including version number, or just the file name without the version number, in which case the most recent instance of the file is opened.

What is file versioning in Linux?

If versioning is enabled, a new file version is created when a file or directory is removed, or when an existing file is opened with truncation. Non-current versions remain in the filesystem namespace, under the name of the original file but with a suffix attached consisting of a semicolon and version sequence number.

What is the meaning of version?

English Language Learners Definition of version : a story or description that is different in some way from another person's story or description : a form of something (such as a product) that is different in some way from other forms : a particular translation of the Bible

What is a VersionInfo resource?

The resource contains such information about the file as its version number, its intended operating system, and its original filename. The resource is intended to be used with the Version Information functions. There are two ways to format a VERSIONINFO statement:

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