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Frequently Asked Questions

What is error 1603 and how to fix it?

The error 1603 is a general code that shows there is a problem with your Windows installation, and it’s displayed by the Microsoft Installer Engine. MSI package formats are used to install or remove the software. When Windows fails to install the software as it should be, the user will end up with error 1603.

What was Windows XP like in 1603?

It was with Windows XP that he went through puberty. All of the normal issues of a maturing American Error Code were present in 1603 during this time. Acne, Braces, Body Odor and, of course, Nocturnal Emissions. Slowly he started losing friends. Within 6 months he was compared to a Steven Jesse Bernstein poem.

How do I know if my 1603 deployment is failing?

A tell-tale sign that this is your issue would be if the deployment is failing on all of your target computers. If the deployment is only failing on a few targets then the 1603 is being caused by another issue. (see image below)

How to fix corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable files error 1603?

Corrupted Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable files Error 1603 is usually resolved by applying the troubleshooting steps in the order suggested below: Download and use the full Radeon Software package from the AMD Driver and Support page.

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