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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the month of the year in VBScript?

VBScript Month Function. The Month function returns a number between 1 and 12 that represents the month of the year. Syntax. Parameter. Description. date. Required.

What are the VBScript date and time functions?

All the vbscript date functions and vbscript time functions are explained with examples. While working with dates in vbscript, we can use in-build vbscript date functions to perform important date-related operations such as capture system date, date conversion, extract different parts of a date, calculation, formatting, etc.

What is the use of monthname function in SQL Server?

The MonthName function returns the name of the month for the specified date. Month, a Required Parameter. It specifies the number of the month. toabbreviate, an Optional Parameter. A Boolean value Boolean value that indicates if the month name is to be abbreviated. If left blank, the default value would be taken as False.

How to convert valid date expression to date format using VBScript?

In the below example, any valid date expression will be converted into date format using vbscript Cdate function. ‘After the date conversion the variable dtDate will hold the value with date format (#10-Feb-2021#). The vbscript date function returns the present system date.

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