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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the built-in date functions in VBScript?

This article (VBScript Date Functions) contains all the important built-in VBScript date functions, which are mostly used in programs. vbscript Cdate – Convert a valid date and time expression into datatype as the date. vbscript Date – Read the current system date.

What is the use of dateadd function in MySQL?

The DateAdd function returns a date to which a specified time interval has been added.

How to convert valid date expression to date format using VBScript?

In the below example, any valid date expression will be converted into date format using vbscript Cdate function. ‘After the date conversion the variable dtDate will hold the value with date format (#10-Feb-2021#). The vbscript date function returns the present system date.

What are the arguments of dateadd function?

The DateAdd function syntax has these named arguments: Required. String expression that is the interval of time you want to add. Required. Numeric expression that is the number of intervals you want to add. It can be positive (to get dates in the future) or negative (to get dates in the past).

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