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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VBS3?

VBS3 provides a comprehensive virtual training environment for tactical training, experimentation and mission rehearsal for land, sea and air. What is VBS3? Military simulation. Multiplayer, virtual training environment.

What is Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3)?

What is it? Virtual Battlespace 3, or VBS3, is the Army’s flagship training game. It is a tactical training and mission rehearsal, three-dimensional, first-person military training simulation program.

Why choose VBS3 for Army games for training?

The U.S. Army’s “Games for Training” program of record needed a first-person desktop training solution that is flexible and versatile. The Army awarded BISim and partners a contract to deliver VBS3 as the training solution.

What is a VBS radio?

VBS Radio VBS Radio provides radio and Direct Talk communications between users in VBS3 training exercises, and filterable voice communication playback for After Action Review. Radio communications feature distance and weather-based signal degradation. VBS Radio features six standard default channels and two context specific default channels.

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