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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the starveyor kit included in the leader Pack?

It is not included in the leader pack. The Kit includes a daily activity card for each day and a game spinner (to use with the cards and in class) with customizable face plates. Many churches provide a Starveyor Kit for every child to use in Bible study and to take home.

What fonts are used in the Galactic starveyors logo?

I am looking for font samples to compliment the Galactic Starveyors fonts and the actual fonts used. Please help! The word “Starveyors” is hand-drawn lettering. A font such as Origo or Manus could be used as an alternative. “Oil Change” is used for the word “Galactic” in the logo and as headers throughout the curriculum.

What is a starveyor?

Starveyors is a made up word that means “people who survey (study or look at) the stars.” As we see the massive, expansive universe, we want to know more about the One who made it. And the more we learn about God, the more overwhelming is the fact that out of everything in the universe He created, He wants a personal relationship with us.

Where can I find craft ideas for VBS leaders?

You will also find craft ideas in VBX Leader Guide, Student VBS Leader Guide, and Adult VBS Leader Guide. Craft packs are designed as a convenience for VBS leaders who prefer one stop shopping and the convenience of having everything needed already sorted and in one place.

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