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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes rocky railway VBS so great?

One of the best parts of Rocky Railway VBS is its award-winning music! Fun songs from amazing musicians your kids will want to listen to again and again—sure to become new family favorites! 1. Your Power Will Pull Us Through

What are some of the best Rocky railway music samples?

Rocky Railway Music Samples Title Artist 1. Your Power Will Pull Us Through Rocky Railway VBS Series 2. Everywhere I Go Rocky Railway VBS Series 3. Power In the Blood Rocky Railway VBS Series 4. Power Shuffle Rocky Railway VBS Series 6 more rows ...

Is there a rocky railway Buddy available as a 3D illustration?

Each Rocky Railway buddy is available as a 3D, line art, or standard illustration . Now Available! Request your VBS 2021 Resource Guide, perfect for VBS Directors as a theme selection and planning tool.

What are the student resources in rocky railway?

Samples of the Student Resources include the Bible Memory Buddies, Student Take-Home and Imagination Station samples. All the student resources in Rocky Railway are intentionally woven into the curriculum and designed to reinforce the daily bible lessons they learn, and help them remember their lessons long after they leave your church event.

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