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Frequently Asked Questions

Which vape is best?

Vaping and Social Justice Reform G Pen Gio+. Grenco Science This is an all-around great pen. ... Clean Vaporizer. ... Rubi. ... APX Vape (v2) Pulsar Pulsar's APX vape is suited for money-conscious users or newbies still on the fence. The Plus Pen. ... Solo 2. ... Pax 3 Complete Kit. ... IQ2. ... Mighty

How to buy vape?

Vaporizer Buying Guide 2021 Budget. Understanding how much you're willing to spend will help you narrow down what you need in a vaporizer. Know Your Needs. ... Style of Vaporizer. ... Learning Curve. ... Materials and Vapor Path. ... Transfer System. ... Power Source. ... Warranty. ...

Is Vape a tobacco product?

Vaping is considered a cold form of smoking. Tobacco smoke is produced from the heat and burning of tobacco. Vaping is vapors that are created without the need to actually burn a product to produce smoke. Vapors are smokeless. Vapors do not create tar or ash.

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