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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Valheim mods?

Download BepInEx pack for Valheim. This is a framework that allows modding of the game, so it is absolutely necessary to have. After you download the zip, place the files in your Valheim install folder and you are good to go. Download the game’s Unstripped DLLs: that’s another piece that you need in order to install Valheim mods.

What is valheimplus mod?

This mod also includes quality of life fixes such as the shared map system for players in groups which makes exploring much easier than before. ValheimPlus is for the people who know exactly what experience they want out of the game but were previously unable to do anything about it.

How is Valheim different from other survival games?

Valheim separates itself from other survival games by forcing players to craft their own weapons and armour as they progress through the game. If you want to make the loot in Valheim akin to an RPG like Diablo, the Epic Loot mod adds magical items into the loot pool to spice things up.

When is Valheim coming to steam?

Valheim is sailing onto Steam Early Access on February 2nd, 2021 ⚔️ Sharpen your weapons and rally your most trusted Vikings, as you set off on a voyage to redemption! Announcement trailer below! Follow us on social media to not miss out on any news!

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