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Frequently Asked Questions

What time is it in UTC time zone?

UTC is 24-hour time, which begins at 0:00 at midnight. 12:00 is noon, 13:00 is 1 p.m., 14:00 is 2 p.m. and so on until 23:59, which is 11:59 p.m. Time zones today are a certain number of hours or hours and minutes behind or ahead of UTC.

Is UTC the same as GMT?

UTC is almost the same as GMT, but it's based on the scientific definition of a second (the SI second), which does not depend on the time it takes the Earth to rotate. The day length, based on UTC, is also 86,400 seconds, but they are SI seconds.

What is my Time Zone UTC?

Time zones around the world are expressed using positive or negative offsets from UTC, as in the list of time zones by UTC offset. The westernmost time zone uses UTC−12, being twelve hours behind UTC; the easternmost time zone, uses UTC+14, being fourteen hours ahead of UTC.

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