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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Utah high school cycling league?

From 320 student athletes in 2012 to over 5,000 projected racers in 2021, the Utah High School Cycling League continues to provide a safe and positive experience for Utah’s teens and their families.

What is the Utah gravity mountain bike series?

Utah Downhill Series 2021 Utah Gravity Mountain Bike Series Presented by Taking advantage of the abundance of high quality gravity found in the mountains of the Intermountain West! This series determines Utah State class champions for Downhill and Super D mountain bike racing.

Who are the 2021 Utah State downhill Champions Pro Men?

2021 Utah State Downhill Champions Pro Men -- Naish Ulmer Cat 1 Men 13-18 -- Wyatt Anderson Cat 1 Men 30-39 -- David Faircloth Cat 1 Men 40-49 -- Chris Canfield Cat 2 Men 13-15 -- Maddox Ochoa and Luke Markham (Tie) Cat 2 Men 16-18 -- Nicholas Evans Cat 2 Men 19-29 -- Colten Madsen

How many days is the Idaho downhill race?

Downhill on Saturday, June 26th. 1 day DH race on last year's Flyin' Brian race course. 2021 Race Results Pomerelle Pounder Pomerelle Resort Albion, Idaho July 31–August 1 2 days, 2 downhill races! Saturday 2021 DH Results

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