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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a navy or Marine Corps unit receives an award nomination?

Should any Navy or Marine Corps unit receive such an award nomination, it must be immediately forwarded without endorsement to CNO(DNS-35) or CMC(MMMA) at the addresses list in Chapter 1 (6) If it is not possible to assemble a complete

What is the purpose of the military award policy manual?

Introduction a. Purpose. To provide amplifying guidance for implementing military award policy set forth in reference (a) and military award-related statutes, executive orders, and Department of Defense (DoD) regulations. b. How to Use This Manual. This manual is intended to provide award originators, administrators, reviewers, and

Who is eligible for the Marine Corps OSR?

(5) Marine Corps Criteria (a) Only personnel assigned to overseas supporting establishment commands (e.g., base, post, and station) are eligible for the OSR. Personnel serving with the Marine Corps operating forces, whether active or reserve, are not eligible. (b) The OSR requires 12 months, consecutive or non-

Who is eligible for the Marine Corps SSDR?

At the conclusion of the six-month TAD, the Marine returns to his or her billet at MCB Camp Lejeune and completes the normal tour. This person is eligible for the SSDR because he or she completed a deployment while temporarily assigned to the operating forces. (g) Refer any questions regarding Marine Corps SSDR

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