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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chevy making a new El Camino?

Is Chevy making a new El Camino? Pictures of a new look El Camino have resurfaced once again, and this time it was reported that the car-truck will be based on the Camaro platform. Unfortunately, we won’t see a new El Camino in 2020 or maybe even ever.

How much does an El Camino cost?

How much does it cost to do the El Camino? Most pilgrim budgets fall in the $30-60 (€25-50) per day range , meaning a 30-day walk would cost $900-1800 (€750-1500). If you don't already have hiking gear, new gear could easily cost $300-600 (€250-500) if you need to get new footwear, backpack and sleeping bag.

How much Freon on a Chevrolet El Camino?

My guess would be about three pounds of FREON and a charge of oil - checked my Haynes manual and the FREON capacity is not listed. Does your system still have it's receiver-dryer with the sight glass for seeing bubbles in the liquid FREON? If yes, fill two cans plus an oil charge and check for bubbles in the sight glass.

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