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Frequently Asked Questions

What is USA map quiz?

In USA Map Quiz, you will be asked to place each 50 US states into their correct geographical location one by one onto the map of North America. While the game does keep track of your time and attempts, there is no losing. The objective of the game is to give you a fun, entertaining and educational game to play.

What is this US map game for kids?

This US map game is a great way to help your kids learn about the United States while they play a game they love….BINGO! With geography games, your kids won’t even know that your’re sneaking in some social studies–so sneaky!

Is there a US states map for kids printable?

This unites states map for kids printable is for PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE. All printables belong to The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For more fun, visit The Crafting Chicks. They are always bursting with amazing games, printables, crafts, recipes and more! All at your fingertips. Hope you and your kids like this US States Map Quiz!

What are the best games to teach about the 50 states?

This US Map Game is a perfect way to teach about the 50 States. It will give your kids a fun geography quiz. I have a 6-year-old who is obsessed with learning about the States, and this Bingo game has been a hit! Even my daughter in middle school likes to see if she can get a high score. This game is super simple to play.

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