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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the USA Hockey SafeSport program handbook?

As the national governing body for ice hockey in the United States, USA Hockey has adopted this SafeSport Program Handbook to comply with the requirements of the SafeSport Authorization Act, the USOC and the USCSS, including adoption of provisions from the MAAPP and the USCSS Code.

What can be done to prevent abuse in USA Hockey programs?

• Deter offenders that have not been caught from joining USA Hockey programs because the program has a known policy against abuse. • Protect USA Hockey’s reputation as a sport where participants are safe from abuse.

How do I report a player to USA Hockey?

Reports to USA Hockey may be made by: (1) clicking on the “Report to USA Hockey” link on the USA Hockey SafeSport Program webpage (, (2) emailing to [email protected], or (3) calling 800-888-4656.

When do I need to obtain a SafeSport certification?

— On or before September 30th of each season, Affiliates shall require and receive from each Member Program a certification of the program’s compliance with the USA Hockey SafeSport Program. USA Hockey shall provide the form of certificate by Member Programs. •National Level

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