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Frequently Asked Questions

What Army regulation covers awards?

honorary incentive awards for civilian employees. It covers awards for inven-tions, superior accomplishments, perfor-mance, honorary achievement, and public service, as well as quality step increases. formal review by the activity’s senior le-Applicability. This regulation applies to all direct-hire Army civilian personnel

What regulation covers awards?

Unit awards and citations are worn on the right side of the chest, above the name tag, and encased in a gold frame that wraps around the ribbon. Army awards and decorations are approved according to the guidance contained in Army Regulation 600-8-22: Military Awards.

What Army regulation covers an Order of Merit list?

Army Regulation (AR) 140-111 (U.S. Army Reserve Reenlistment Program), 2 March 2018. ... the Army will expand the application of order of merit lists (OMLs) that the boards generate to inform a ...

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