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Frequently Asked Questions

Will windows 11 be a free upgrade?

Windows 11 will generally be available on October 5. Microsoft has already announced that Windows 11 is a free upgrade to eligible Windows 10 users. This means that PCs that meet the hardware requirements of Windows 11 can upgrade to Windows 11 for free.

When will windows 11 be ready?

Windows 11 will be available to download on October 5, 2021. On that day, not much will actually happen for most Windows 10 users. Despite being a free upgrade, Microsoft won't be pushing Windows...

How long will windows 11 be a free upgrade?

The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems. However, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer. This end date will be no sooner than October 5, 2022. Can I continue to use Windows 10? Yes. You do not have to upgrade to Windows 11.

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